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Athanasia | Official selection ‘Eye’s Walk Digital Festival 2017’ (Syros, Greece)

‘Athanasia’ (2017) by Fred L’Epee with musician Rey Eisen is selected at the ‘Eye’s Walk Digital Festival’ from 27th to 29th of July (Syros, Greece).

Athanasia (2017)

Eye’s Walk Digital Festival

The Eye’s Walk Digital Festival is an innovative festival that combines modern digital technology, video installation & performing art and design experience with the particular cultural background of Ermoupolis in Syros.

The Eye’s Walk Digital Festival is an innovative technological and cultural festivals in the Aegean and the Balkans, as well as utilize public space and architecture and creates experiences that unfold in the community.

Still, cooperation with the Municipality Syros – Ermoupolis who won the top prize Heritage, EuropaNostra, System Digital Management of Historical Buildings of Hermoupolis (HER.MES) gives even greater potential use and enhancement of historic neoclassical buildings of Ermoupolis and cultural heritage of the island.

The Eye’s Walk Digital Festival promotes art in public space and makes Greece, Cyclades, Syros important center of Video Installation Art with its unique innovation of the use of public space.

Athansia design syros

16 video installations, 1.600 eye’s walkers / supporters, 10 neo-classical / historical buildings 4 parallel performances [music / art / dance], 42 volunteers from the University of the Aegean & Syros, 19 partner companies, 5 gastronomy proposals offered free to viewers festival, promotion & promotion 14 separate locations of Syros through the festival’s communication [shipyard, District Star, Vaporia, Old market, Shipyard, historic center University, pl. Annis Koutsodontis, 1st Primary School, Beach], 14,000 people watched via facebook, 1 island!

Official website:

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12th MARFICI | International Film Festival ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina)

Fahrenheit 4.33 (2016) is selected for the 12th MARFICI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Mar del Plata, Argentina) which will held from 6th to 13th of August 2016.



The MARFICI festival is the third largest private company in Latin America, a region where the film is to distribute the most independent channels of expressions that are not accessible. The goal is to create a diffusion space of independent film productions with an international, national and local level.




Official website:


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Bipolar (2014) | HearteartH Video Exhibition (Berlin, Germany)

Bipolar (2014)
HearteartH | Video Art Exhibition
From 8th to 10th of July
Berlin (Germany)



HearteartH is a collective project for artists and media makers ideated by video artists Sonia Laura Armaniaco and Maria (Felix) Korporal. The concept took life from these two interlocking words: HEART and EARTH. The strong symbolism of the two words, which are inevitably associated with life, has a strong pull. One is drawn into it. In the almost fateful dependence of these terms of one another, they seem inextricably linked together, even permanently, forever.




HearteartH will be presented in a large festival with an exhibition, video screenings and a special AV performance night, from 8-10 July 2016 in Group Global 3000 and in Medienwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin. In September 2016 the same video screenings will be shown in [.BOX], the space of Visual Container in Milan. Visual Container will also broadcast the project on


Program and schedule:

See also HearteartH’s website:


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10th Festival ISI 2015 | Montpellier (France)

“Spiderland” (2014) is selected for the 10th Festival ISI (Insurrection Sentimentale Illimitée) of Montpellier (France) which will held from 3rd to 5th September 2015.



ISI’s festival content is avant-garde digital art (music, vj, installation), but the projection contains every types of experimental image. The screening program is composed only of the images in the public domain or the Creative Commons. The event is free entrance, the screening is non-commercial and no-profit.


More info:


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“In Exilum” / E-luminate Cambridge Festival

“In Exilum”

Official selection
E-luminate Cambridge Festival
Screening on 22nd of February
Cambridge (UK)

"In Exilum" Film by Fred L'Epee

The Cambridge Super 8 Group
is dedicated to the exhibition and creation of Super 8 film as a crucial art form in its own right.

As well as the annual festival, the Cambridge Super 8 Group has been active in programming a multitude of screenings, director talks and educational events in the city of Cambridge and in East Anglia.

Cambridge Super 8 is also committed to promoting new work and developing critical discussion as well as developing collaboration with other festivals.

E-luminate Cambridge Festival – Super8 Group

As well as the annual festival, the Cambridge Super 8 Group has been active in programming a multitude of screenings, director talks and educational events in the city of Cambridge and in East Anglia.

Cambridge Super 8 is also committed to promoting new work and developing critical discussion as well as developing collaboration with other festivals.”


8 p.m. — 10 p.m.Sat 22nd

More info on:



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BorderBody – International Video Art Festival Meca Mediterráneo Centro Artístico Almeria (Spain)


BorderBody – International Art Festival
From 7th to 21th february 2014
MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico
Almeria (Spain)

"Scapregrace" (2013)


Body Border. Mixing Identities,  the second chapter of this series of 3 events organized by International Itsliquid ArtExpo and wherein MECA participates as unique exhibition center in Spain focuses on content related to the  hybridization of social identities.  In contemporary societies borders are increasingly fleeting and the identities and this makes each person can incorporate any recognizable identity with a fluid and multiple results. Religious or cultural ethnic borders change continually. This change, this mutation has allowed delve into the identities and create new intercultural mixtures.There is no boundary between one identity and another, but it is possible to walk, crossing a passage to find himself halfway through it, in a non-place, in a non-identity.


MECA Mediterranean Art Center presents the II edition of the International Video Art Contest 2014 in only two sessions in the MECA room located at C / Gran Capitán 105, Almería on 7 and 21 February will be presented the new 49 Video Artists winners.


Video artists

Nia Maria Moilanen and Chad Cogdill . Finland & USA | claRa . UK | Fred. L’Epee . Switzerland | Kate MacDonald . Canada | Antonis Kourkoulos . Greece | Fouilhoux Biliana . France |  Fabienne Berger and Bastien Genoux . Switzerland | Gabriella Parisi . Italy | Gregory Steel . USA | Mia Dudek . Poland | Mar Garrido . Spain | Peter Ainsworth . UK | Katrina Stamatopoulos . Australia | Lucia Flego . Italy | Benoît Mussche . Belgium | Natalie McGowan . UK | Ellen Nunes . Brazil | Emmett Doherty . Ireland | Kasey McMahon . Italy | Stéphanie Roland . Belgium | Steven Verstuyft . Belgium | Robert Frankle . Luxembourg |German Arrubla . Colombia | Faizan Naveed . Pakistan | Esther Neate . Australia | Sietske Tjallingii . USA | Dygoro Sasaki . UK | Heejoo Gwen Kim . USA | Jose Evangelista . Portugal |Arda Yalkin . Turkey | Laura Harrison . USA | Marika Maiorova . USA | Ruby Wallis . Ireland | Danielle Zorbas . Australia | Paola Guerra . Italy | Daniel  Pešta . Czech Republic | Susan Yeung . Singapore |Tsuyoshi Anzai . Japan | David Wasch & Harpo ‘t Hart . The Netherlands | Blanca Giménez . Spain | Mj Ripoll . Spain | Umber Majeed . USA | Geordy Alexis . France | Jiska de Vries . Netherlands | Lauren Flinner . USA | Sophie Delaporte . France | Nooshin Rostami . USA | Mateo Fernández-Muro . Spain


Organizer: International ArtExpo
Curator: Luca Curci
Press office: It’s LIQUID


More info on:



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Borders and Identities | International Video Exhibition (Bari, October 05, 2013)


“The Testament” (2013)
Borders & Identities
9th Giornata del Contemporaneo
Palazzo Barone Ferrara
Opening: 5th October 2013
Bari (Italy)


The Testament (2013)

Borders & Identities – October 05, 2013
International Video-Art exhibition
Opening: October 05, 2013


Borders & Identities” exhibition, will be held in the prestigious Palazzo Barone Ferrara inBari (Italy), during the 9th Giornata del Contemporaneo – the Day of Contemporary Art – on October 05, 2013.

Palazzo Barone Ferrara is a magnificent historic building of XIX century, symbol of importance and progress of the city. Located in the centre of Bari, is the headquarters and exhibition space of Banca Apulia bank.

The Day of Contemporary Art is the major annual event promoted by the AMACI – Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art and it focuses on the art of our times and its public. It will be held throughout Italy to experience the complex and lively world of contemporary art. Since its inception, the Day of Contemporary Art has been supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and has obtained not only the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic but also the sponsorship of Italy’s leading institutions.


organizer: International ArtExpo
curator: Luca Curci
press office: It’s LIQUID
screening place: “Spazio Apulia” conference room, Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari (Italy)
opening/dates: October 5th, 2013, from 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM, at Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)


.video artists
Mar Garrido . Spain | Fred. L’Epee . Switzerland | Jelena Dejanovska . Serbia | Liberté Grace . Australia | Lucia Flego . Italy | Peter Ainsworth . UK | Ajmona Hoxha / Blendina Cara / Elis Vathi / Klodiana Millona . Albania | MAD architects . China | Izabella Gustowska . Poland |  Johannes Knoops . USA | Aranka Israni . USA | Deniz Akca . UK |Julio Soto . USA | Nina Moilanen . Finland | Ahmed Faizan Naveed . Pakistan | James A Cook . USA | Rodrigo de Toledo . USA | Kate MacDonald . Canada | Olea Nova . USA


The event is supported by Banca Apulia


More info and program on:




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Multimedia exhibition at ‘MINUS 5’ Artspace (23th Aug-07th Sept 2013 – Beirut, Lebanon)

“The Passengers”

NORM/ No-madic Lives Project (2012-2014)
Multimedia Exhibition at ‘MINUS 5’
From 23th August – 07th September 2013
Beirut (Lebanon)


"The Passengers" (2010)


Project Artists:

Simon Mack (liverpool-uk)
Phil Hargreaves (liverpool -uk)
(as Hargreaves + Mack)
Lorna Crane (melbourne-australia)
Dima Hourani (ramallah-palestine/norway)
Ghayyan al Amine (Shortfuse Films: beirut-lebanon)
Lars Buchardt (copenhagen -denmark)
Fred. L’Epée (switzerland-greece)
Other artists TBC


More info:



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Experimental Video Art/ Bashimi Art House Salzburg (Austria)


The Island (2011)

Film by Fred. L’Epée

E.V.A. – Experimental Video Art / Spring Screening

02 – 16 March 2012

Bashimi Art House

Neutorstrasse 32k

Salzburg/ Austria


Organisation Responsibles: Sebnem Basimi Holzer and Cengiz Bodur

BachModern Project pleased to present E.V.A. – Experimental Video Art / Spring Screening Collection.




Fred L’Epee
Jose Goncalves
Dario Pacheco
Umit Ince
Greg Shapley
Caglar Cinar
Faruk Aksel
Peter Russell
Seval Aksel
Nathaniel Fox-Pappas
Tugce Asilkan


Video screenings take place in Bashimi Art House , Salzburg Gallery daily between 4pm – 7pm.
Free entrance screenings will be open for all video art lovers in Salzburg.

Screening Collection will meet video art lovers in Antalya between 26 March-06 April (Free Entrance).


Organisation is managed by BachModern Project and supported by Akdeniz University/Fine Art Faculty /Antalya, The Visual ARTBEAT Magazine/Salzburg and Bashimi Art House/Salzburg.







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