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Years (2018) | Film now released

A phenomenon that a number of people have noted while in deep depression is the sense of being accompanied by a second self — a wraithlike observer who, not sharing the dementia of his double, is able to watch with dispassionate curiosity as his companion struggles against the oncoming disaster, or decides to embrace it. There is a theatrical quality about all this, and during the next several days, as I went about stolidly preparing for extinction, I couldn’t shake off a sense of melodrama — a melodrama in which I, the victim-to-be of self-murder, was both the solitary actor and lone member of the audience.

― William Styron (1925–2006)



Years (2018) is a film project re-created by Fred L’Epee in collaboration with music composer Mark Nyos. Produced by Helicon Films.

Helicon Films 2018
Executive producer
Fred L’Epee

Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Athanasia (2017) | 14th Muestra De Cine de Lavapiés (Madrid, Spain)

So glad that film “Athanasia” in collaboration with Musician Rey Eisen is selected at the 14th Muestra De Cine de Lavapiés from 23rd of June to 2nd of July 2017 (Madrid, Spain).



The “Muestra De Cine de Lavapiés” is an event organized by a group of neighbors. A week of projections that is celebrated at the beginning of each summer in diverse spaces of the neighborhood. We like to take the cinema to the street. In this project nobody charges, nobody pays, we bet because the desire flows; not the money. A third and a half of the program of the show are integrated works that come to us through this annual call we now launch. We call on all friendly tribes to send us free audiovisual works: experimental pieces, shorts, menhirs, tasty stories, boars, insurgent documentaries, pirate ships and even bards.


18620381_423502004688442_3492380465495400491_n (1).jpg

(*Lavapiés, aka Lavapiex: “Small neighborhood in the center of Madrid that now and always resists the invader”)

Screening and Program:

Film “Athanasia” (2017) available:



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Fahrenheit 4.33 | Film now available

Fahrenheit 4.33
Project by Fred L’Epee
Jeffrey Beach (Beachfront Productions)
Helicon Films



Genre Experimental
Year 2016
Duration 12mn. 43s.


“The contemporary mythology as the representation of a catharsis. Thousand variations from human vacuum. Translated by the definition of our identities which became amorphous. Stasis. The alteration of our psyche. Vertigo. An existential schism. The Labyrinth built by Daedalus. Death is not an end in itself. Perhaps an inertia. Without reproduction. Neither transposition”.


Helicon Films 2016
This work is licensed under Creative Commons.


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Helicon Films at OoGIE on 8th October 2015, Marseille (France)

Helicon Films
Films projection at “OoGIE”
On 8th October 2015
Marseille (France)

Helicon Films

More info on:


Live music
By Lionel Corsini
Aka dj Oil (Troublemakers)

Lionel Corsini aka DJ Oil (Troublemakers)

More info:



Official website:


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Helicon Films | Album “The Gas Heart” (Soundtrack for upcoming project)

Helicon Films
are proud to present the film soundtrack
for the next upcoming film project.

"The Gas Heart"


#Album “The Gas Heart”
#Sound by Surrealist gesture

The Gas Heart
is a three-act hoax; it will satisfy only industrialized imbeciles who believe in the existence of men of genius. Interpreters are requested to give this work the attention due a masterpiece such as Macbeth, but to treat the author – who is not a genius – with no respect AT ALL.
(Note: This work offers no technical innovation whatsoever.)




Released 14 February 2013
Constructed by JDD
Production/ Mix/ Master by JDD
Guitar on track #12 written/performed by Forrest Whitlow

The Gas Heart
by Surrealist gesture on:


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Metamorphosis / The room of Franz Kafka From 1st&2nd March @nu things (Osaka, Japan)

Metamorphosis / The room of Franz Kafka
Poster by AGI Yuzuru


The Room of Franz Kafka
Screening at Club + Art space @nu things
Event by AGI Yuzuru
1st & 2nd March
Osaka (Japan)

Experimental film by Fred. L’Epee / Switzerland-Greece / 2010 / 4 mn.

Synopsis A: Visiting the room of franz kafka/ surrealism and virtual perspective.
Synopsis B : Narration under active consideration from the theme of kafka’s paranoia , the kafka’s realism. The process of individual society provocating some pathological and post- chronological effect in association some anormal objectivity.


In-Depth Sea Films 2011
This work is licensed under Creative Commons.
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.



More info and program :



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Institut 17 Elektronische Musik und Akustik



Audio visual collaboration between Takuto Fukuda,
Faraòn Meteosès and Fred L’Epee will be screened
at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics.
@20:00 on 29th January to IEM Cube, Graz (Austria).



More info on:

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