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Interview: Fred L’Epee | It’s LIQUID Group Official website

Interview: Fred L’Epee | It’s LIQUID Group – Official website
Independent filmmaker Fred L’Epee (born 1976) is a emergent artist within the international film avant-garde. The modality of its work is based beyond the cinematic form in order to resuscitate an altered perception of the visual expression. His films and visual art works are a constant research of constructivity into cinematographic experimentalism through the shapes of human being’s existentialism. Themes of his work describes timelessness and its passage. Alteration of the body as a process of image. Narrative of the post-modernist fables. Fred L’Epee is also co-producer of Helicon Films in collaboration with Ed Alvarado and Kenneth Gentry. An Indie Film Label of cinematography and sound design.

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Interview | Fred. L’Epee


Fred L’Epee
Interviewed by Mirjana Milosavljević

Curated by Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés
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