Fred L'Epee – Film Maker


BorderBody – Mixing Cities | Bari, Italy International Art Festival


Borders & Mixing Identities
Palazzo Barone Ferrara
From 13th to 21th february 2014
Bari (Italy)

"Scapregrace" (2013)



“BorderBody – Mixing Identities” international art festival of photography, video art, installation and performing art will be held at the prestigious Palazzo Barone Ferrara in Bari (Italy) from the 13 to the 21 of February 2014.

Palazzo Barone Ferrara is a magnificent historic building of XIX century, symbol of importance and progress of the city. Located in the centre of Bari, is the headquarters and exhibition space of Banca Apulia bank.


BorderBody – Mixing Cities | Bari, Italy International Art Festival


“BorderBody” exhibitions cycle is conceived as a diffused and nomadic festival in different places of the world. “Mixing Identities”, the second chapter of this 3-event cycle, is focused on the hybridization of social identities. In contemporary societies boundaries are getting more and more fleeting, and also the identity, that makes each person or place a recognizable entity, turns out fluid and multiple. Cultural, religious, ethnic borders become changeable too. This change, this mutation has allowed to cross the inside of the identities, creating new possible crossings, new blends. There is no more limit between an identity and the other one but it is possible to walk, to cross a passage and to find oneself halfway through it, in a non-place, in a non-identity.

Openings from the 13 to the 21 of February 2014, from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM, at Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)

Video-screening program
During the opening night of “BorderBody – Mixing Identities” exhibition in Bari (Italy) will be projected all the selected videos. Here below the video-program for the following days:

Fred. L’Epee . Switzerland | Fouilhoux Biliana . France | Gabriella Parisi . Italy | Mar Garrido . Spain | Peter Ainsworth . UK | Katrina Stamatopoulos . Australia | Lucia Flego . Italy | Benoît Mussche . Belgium | Natalie McGowan . UK | Ellen Nunes . Brazil | Emmett Doherty . Ireland | Kasey McMahon . Italy | Stéphanie Roland . Belgium | Steven Verstuyft . Belgium | Robert Frankle . Luxembourg | German Arrubla . Colombia | Faizan Naveed . Pakistan | Esther Neate . Australia | Sietske Tjallingii . USA | Dygoro Sasaki . UK | Heejoo Gwen Kim . USA | Jose Evangelista . Portugal | Arda Yalkin . Turkey | Laura Harrison . USA | Marika Maiorova . USA | Ruby Wallis . Ireland | Danielle Zorbas . Australia – from the 14 to the 21 of February 2014, from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM will be projected videos by Nia Maria Moilanen and Chad Cogdill . Finland & USA | claRa . UK | Kate MacDonald . Canada | Antonis Kourkoulos . Greece | Paola Guerra . Italy | Daniel Pešta . Czech Republic | Susan Yeung . Singapore | Tsuyoshi Anzai . Japan | David Wasch & Harpo ‘t Hart . The Netherlands | Blanca Giménez . Spain | Mj Ripoll . Spain | Umber Majeed . USA | Geordy Alexis . France | Jiska de Vries . Netherlands | Lauren Flinner . USA | Sophie Delaporte . France | Nooshin Rostami . USA | Mateo Fernández-Muro . Spain | Fabienne Berger and Bastien Genoux . Switzerland | Gregory Steel . USA | Mia Dudek . Poland

Organizer: International ArtExpo
Curator: Luca Curci
Press office: It’s LIQUID

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Interview | Fred. L’Epee


Fred L’Epee
Interviewed by Mirjana Milosavljević

Curated by Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés
Para proyecto EntreVistArtista (EVA) Entre Tú y Yo © 2009 – 2013




The whole interview available on:



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International ArtExpo | Finland 2013


“The Testament” (2013)

Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities | Finland 2013
From 10th June to 16th June 2013.
Espoonsilta Gallery
Espoo (Finland)



The Testament (2013)



International ArtExpo is an independent group of artists founded in 2001 and mainly dedicated to contemporary art and videoart. Most of our last events have been realized in museums, galleries, private foundations and public institutions around the world. Our object is to use new technologies to globalize the language of art, to connect the conceptual points of contact of artists working in every part of the world, all united in the thick plot of the world net. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.


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CONTEMPO 2013 | International Contemporary Art Festival | 16th-20th May (Varna, Bulgaria)

Contempo 2013


Contempo was created following the idea of the artist raya georgieva (1978 -2009) and implemented by raya georgieva foundation. Contempo 2013 partners: association for cultural management sea blue, tereza art gallery , stalker studio,gallery 10, bulart gallery, contemporary space, arhis gallery , graffit gallery, cubo bar, city art gallery “ boris georgiev”, la playa, varna municipality, horizont complex, yoho hostel, varna archaeological museum, art department of regional library.


Contempo 2013 POSTER


Contempo -contemporary art festival is a noncommercial platform to encourage, present and promotе the art production of young authors up to 35 years old. The forum is settled to present a dynamic version of creative searches and trends in the younger generation of art, to promote their work and provide a stage for the realization of their artistic provocations. In contempo except for traditional art spaces are absorbed unconventional spaces as well, being promoted to a new culture and aesthetics, close to the interests and attitudes of young people in urban environments. Since its first edition in 2009 the festival was attended by more 12,000 people.

Raya georgieva foundation (rgf) is based in varna since 2010. it main objectives are to keep the memory of the artist’s talent and creativity of raya georgieva (1978-2009); support young artists to realize their idea; create a stage for dialogue and creative experimentation.

Contempo 2013 is curated by dora doncheva. guest – curators: margarita dorovska, krassimir rousev, svilen stefanov, yovo panchev.




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Exposition XXart 2013 – L’ Art en grands formats (3ème édition) @Espace Nobuyoshi du 26 avril au 1er mai 2013.


XXart 2013




Exposition XXArt, l’art en grands formats, 3ème édition (entrée libre)
Du 26 avril au 1er mai 2013
Espace Nobuyoshi – La Mulonnière
37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher



XXart 2013 XXart 2013 XXart 2013



Du 26 avril au 1er mai, 59 artistes s’exposent en grands formats à l’espace Nobuyoshi
(La Mulonnière – 37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher).

Plasticiens, peintres, sculpteurs, photographes, calligraphes, graffeurs et vidéastes seront au rendez-vous de cette troisième édition.

Ouverture du site tous les jours de 11h à 20h
Entrée Libre – parking – Espace restauration.



From 26 April to 1 May, 59 artists will exhibit in large formats at Nobuyoshi Space (Mulonnière – 37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher).

Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, calligraphers, graffiti artists and videographers will be at the rendezvous of this third edition.

Opening the site every day from 11h to 20h
Free Admission – Parking – Dining area.




More info on:

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Technophobia Film Festival 2013


992 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA
Friday, March 22nd. 8pm. $6.


Film, music, performance art, complimentary food and wine,& a raffle with special prizes!

Technophobia is a film festival for 2013 that critiques the darkness of humanity, technology, and the future that is being born out of our society and culture.

Featuring existential films by both local and international artists that explore such concepts as identity, morality, corruption, depravity, sexuality, and gender.

For this special SF screening, free food and beverage will be provided along with a raffle to celebrate the premiere of bay area artist Cassandra Sechler’s film Wireboy, which will also be screened at this event.








More info :



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Database (2011) TECHNOPHOBIA FESTIVAL. Event at the ATA (Artists’ Television Access) March 22nd, San Fransisco, CA.

Database (2011) Film by Fred. L'Epée


Experimental film by Fred. L’Epee/ Switzerland-Greece/ 2011.

“Consider a life. Receive the erased memories.
And broken heart on the palm of my hand.
Wishes for the last day enduring.”




Fred. L’Epee

Dimitra Pouliopoulou

Canoply games



Helicon Films 2011
Creative commons/Copyleft

This work is licenced under
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0




More info on:



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Program contempolab 2012

contempolab 2012  
Varna 15-16th December 2012



Third edition of contempolab will run as an open meeting – a conversation between curators, gallerists and cultural managers of NGOs dedicated to survival strategies in contemporary izkustvo. Tselta collection of profiles is to share experience, exchange of working tricks definition of the main difficulties , consolidation of interests and resources to change the legal obstacles. In parallel program included art Laban matinee, submit a draft of Cyril 0 Kuzmanov curated Vladiya Mihailova portrait of director Alexander Nikolov. Screening of the film “Elegy”Film by Fred L’Epee & Dimitra Pouliopoulou / Switzerland- Greece.

Contempolab  is an educational art management platform for young professionals, artists, gallerists and curators of the festival program contempo.

Festival of Contemporary Art  Contempo  e noncommercial platform to encourage, promote and present the work of young artists to 35 godini.Sazdaden the idea of the artist Raya Georgieva / 1978-2009 / contempo realized by the “Georgieva Heaven” in 2009 and in partnership with support formal, informal youth organizations, businesses and public entities in the field of culture and creative industrii.  Kurator a 2012 Contempo is Dora Doncheva.

Foundation “Raya Georgieva” was established in 2009 in Varna. Its main objectives are to keep the memory of the work of artist Raya Georgieva / 1978 – 2009 / supports and enables young artists to realize their ideas, creating scenes and events for creative dialogue and experimentation.

Partners contempolab 2012:

Association for Cultural Management “Sea Blue” gallery “Bulart”, Contemporary Space, Art In the Dark Zone, Artin Vision Archaeological Museum – Varna,


Foundation Raya Georgieva
(+ 359) 0887 244 882
e-mail: contempo.weekend @


Contact Us 

– Space contemporary: / ContemporarySpace
– Bulart Gallery:
– Association for Cultural Management “navy”:
– ART “blind” zone:
– Artin Vision:
– Archaeological Museum Varna:
– “Open Art”:

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International Film Festival of Thessaloniki (December 12th – 16th 2012)

06 TiSFF 2012
December 12th – 16th 2012.
ALEXANDROS Cultural Center
Thessaloniki (Greece)


Tisff of Thessaloniki 2012

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L’autre cinéma | Kassandre

L’autre cinéma | Kassandre


Kassandre is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote and support a free & open cinema.


Kassandre brings together filmmakers who have chosen to share freely one or more of their films using free licenses.

You are free to download, copy, share and in some cases you are also free to modify, to create derivative works.

We have three good reasons to do this:

– Download is not theft, and copying is not harmful and modify isn’t destroy. It’s good for movies to be seen, and therefore be copied. This allows authors to find an audience and the latter to meet authors.

– Sharing is Loving. And sharing is a fundamental freedom that must be protected.

– Sharing enriches the giver and the receiver. The filmmaker and the audience enjoying a shared happiness.

The cinema has every reason to celebrate this new wind, the great opportunities it brings and the endless possibilities that are offered.

We have created the platform to allow filmmakers and the public to come together around the films. We accept all genres (drama, comedy, thriller, etc.) and all formats (fiction, documentary, art film, etc. …), but we strive to select the most original films, those who try to say a little more …

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“La Vie manifeste”


Revue multiple : philosophies /// littératures /// danses /// photographies /// vidéos /// sonores

La vie manifeste, tentative de la meute, du bloc, de l’invention, de l’expérience de la pensée. Un espace multiple dans lequel se mêle sons, textes, images, vidéos. Cette ouverture est aussi la possibilité de fabriquer un espace à plusieurs, de se lier, se délier et relier de multiples propositions. Un souhait aussi, être seul à plusieurs.

La vie manifeste
 est une revue en ligne proposant des textes littéraires et critiques, des entretiens radiophoniques, des vidéos, des photographies. Une revue à lire, à voir et à entendre. Un tout nouveau projet rassemblant une dizaine de contributeurs(trices).


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