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12th MARFICI | International Film Festival ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina)

Fahrenheit 4.33 (2016) is selected for the 12th MARFICI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Mar del Plata, Argentina) which will held from 6th to 13th of August 2016.



The MARFICI festival is the third largest private company in Latin America, a region where the film is to distribute the most independent channels of expressions that are not accessible. The goal is to create a diffusion space of independent film productions with an international, national and local level.




Official website:


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Derive (2016) | CICA Museum Exhibition Gimpo (South Korea)

Derive (2016)
CICA Museum
International Exhibition Abstract Mind
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art
From 15th to 26th of June
Gimpo (South Korea)



Started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio in 1994, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) became a unique cultural space founded and cultivated by him. Not only CICA fosters projects of experimental artists, we are open for everyone to learn about Contemporary Art and apply it to one’s life. We aim to provide a creative, yet comfortable space for artists and the community to nurture their creative and critical thinking with visual culture while they communicate with each other.




CICA Museum has a collection of Czong Ho Kim’s sculptures, paintings, and architecture, as well as many renowned international artists’ works. For special exhibitions, we exhibit Contemporary Art pieces including painting, sculpture, and new media art. CICA also offers education and public programs for the cultural development of local communities.


Program and schedule:
CICA Museum website:


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Fahrenheit 4.33 | Film now available

Fahrenheit 4.33
Project by Fred L’Epee
Jeffrey Beach (Beachfront Productions)
Helicon Films



Genre Experimental
Year 2016
Duration 12mn. 43s.


“The contemporary mythology as the representation of a catharsis. Thousand variations from human vacuum. Translated by the definition of our identities which became amorphous. Stasis. The alteration of our psyche. Vertigo. An existential schism. The Labyrinth built by Daedalus. Death is not an end in itself. Perhaps an inertia. Without reproduction. Neither transposition”.


Helicon Films 2016
This work is licensed under Creative Commons.


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The White Widow | IN-SONORA (9th edition)

The White Widow (2015)
IN-SONORA | 9th Edition
Muestra de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo
From 2nd to 15th March
Madrid (Spain)



In-Sonora is an independent and non-profit project that has positioned itself as an nationally and internationally avant-garde proposal. Thanks to the collaboration between artists, professionals, cultural operators, public and private institutions, and a wide audience. This 10 years of projects will take place with this new edition of the show. From 2nd to March 15 at “La Casa Encendida”, “El Águila”, “Centro Centro”, “IED Madrid”, “Medialab-Prado”, “Joy Gallery” and “Gallery Swinton and Crossroads”.




The aim of this biennial show is to expand the visibility of national and international artists, supporting experimental contemporary proposals that sound and interactivity that are key visual elements.

The press conference will be conducted by Maite Camacho, director and curator of IN-SONORA, who will talk with the audience about the idea and development of this project which has already more than 10 years of existence. It will be presented the full program of activities that make up this edition and the most important developments.


Artist profile: Fred L’ Epee | In-Sonora (9th edition)

Official website:


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Derive (2016) | Film now available

Derive (2016)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-baptiste Lozac’h.
Music by William Ryan Fritch.
Helicon Films



Genre Experimental/Fiction
Year 2016
Duration 15mn. 50s.


Between an inexhaustible past and a non-unfoldable future: a chase after the horizon and some areas of refuge. Between what we believe, what we lived and what we would like to live. Life, perhaps…-Synopsis


Helicon Films 2016
This work is licensed under Creative Commons.
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.


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Festival of Sound Video Art
 | Activa 2016 (Aviles, Spain)

We are very proud to announce that film “The White Widow” has been selected to be screened as part of ACTIVA 2016 | Festival of Sound Video Art at the Municipal Center of Arts & Exhibitions (CMAE) from 19th January until 19th February to Aviles (Spain)



Jaime Rguez is pleased to send the invitation for the exhibition ‘ARTE ALTER’ which will be screened to the “12th edition SINEDIE” as well as the continuous projection of selected works “ACTIVA’2016”. This event opens on January 19, 2016 from 18pm. and will be on display until 19 February in the CMAE. Municipal Arts Center & Exhibitions of Aviles, Spain.


Festival of Sound Video Art
 "Activa 2016"


The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement.

The exhibition is directed by Jaime Rguez and coordinated by Encarnación Domingo with Jaime Rguez . The Municipal Foundation of Culture of the City of Avilés will publish a reasoned exhibition catalog written by Juan Carlos Aparicio Vega.


More info:
Official website


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Berliner Liste/Fair for Contemporary Art 2015

“Bipolar” (2014) will be screened within the collective project “HearteartH” at the Berliner Liste – Fair for Contemporary Art from 16th to 20th September, Berlin (Germany)



The collective project “HearteartH” will be presented at the Berliner Liste – Fair for Contemporary Art in the suggestive building of the old Heizkraftwerk (thermal power station) in the Köpenicker Straße, Berlin.

The virtual video-wall with all the works for the project received so far will be shown in loop during the 5 days of the art fair, in the stand of the Medienwerkstatt.


The collective project


Participating video and sound artists: Pendar NasserSharif, Jean François Réveillard, Silke Kuhar aka ZIL, Tariq Abdus-Sabur, Juan Behrens, Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica, Ocadium, Sebastian Wiedemann, Max Cooper and Tom Hodge, Murat Sayginer, Shiri Malckin, Maria Felix Korporal, Astrid Astra Indricane, Rafael C Teles, Gianluca Shango Pellegrino, Lino Strangis, Volker Harrach, Larry Wang, Marcantonio Lunardi, Kent Tate, Bob Peterson, Marzena Brandt, Viviana Boscardin, Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli, Duo Strangloscope (Cláudia Cárdenas & Rafael Schlichting), Rolandson, Myriam Thyes, Michael Gaddini, Maria Gill, Jumbo Pimp, Cristina Pavesi, Fred L’Epee, Marta Moretto, Brian Kane, Nicholas Miller, Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Libera Mazzoleni, Mark Tholander, Pinina Podestà, Eija Temisevä, Maria Takeuchi, Francisco Orallo, Yvana Samandova and Borjan Zarevski, Katya Sanna, claRa apaRicio yoldi, B K, Cavestar, Pèninsolar, Michael König.


Website of Berliner Liste:

Websites of HearteartH: (video-wall) (animated gifs) (sound)



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Film project in process “The Diary” (2015)

A film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Music soundtrack by Braghsdn & Globoscuro (Phobias)
Soon released in the month of August.
Thanks for all your support.

Helicon Films

The Diary (2015)


Helicon Films is an independent film production company based out of Switzerland and the United States that produces short films. The films are three to twenty-four minutes in running time. The films are in black and white, in color, or in a combination of both. The genre for these films is experimental with an emphasis on exploring existential themes. We produce three or four films per year. There are three divisions of our production company: production, preproduction, and postproduction.


Executive producer:
Fred L’Epee
Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Ed Alvarado

LinkHelicon Films


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Bipolar (2014) |10th Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) May 21-24, 2015 (Montreal, Canada)

BIPOLAR (2014)
Film by Fred L’Epee, Elam Ellis Embarq and Ed Alvarado
10th Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF)
May 21-24, 2015
Montreal, Canada

MUFF celebrates and promotes low-budget filmmakers who challenge the limitations of mainstream cinema, making the world a more exciting, engaging place to live. We showcase inventive filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of independent film. We encourage experimental work that is radical, visionary, subversive.


MUFF is a small, dedicated collective of programmers in search of creative moving image work featuring any experimental combination of narrative, non-narrative, documentary, animation, sound, style, performance. We are looking for films that highlight the power of the paracinematic to disrupt the status quo—deviant work, unafraid to challenge and enrich the spectator’s relationship to the everyday and to the medium itself.

MUFF is committed to the idea that some of the most unique and critical voices are those that come from the margins—artistic, social, cultural, political. Expose your vision to MUFF!

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The White Widow (2015) Film now available


The White Widow (2015)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Kenneth Gentry

Genre Experimental
Year 2015
Duration 10mn 03s
“The White Widow” is a psychotropic visual arts film representing the themes of mythology, mysticism, and the existential struggle. The realm is that of the subconscious, the alterations of perception, in the other-worldly than the worldly. Once upon a time the white widow at the edge of a path.-Synopsis


Helicon Films 2015
Fred L’Epee
Kenneth Gentry
Ed Alvarado

This work is licensed under Creative Commons.
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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“Bipolar” (2014) | Fest Miden & 4Frontal (Athens Greece)

We are happy to announce the Premiere of film “Bipolar” (2014) for the presentation of “The wanderer above the mist” inspired by Caspar David Friedrich. The festival will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos” on Sunday, November 9th in Athens, Greece.

Participant artists:
Daniel Lewan, Hamidreza Dibazar &Farid Hamedi (Rohina), Félix Fernández, Jacob Cartwright, Justyna Misiuk, Kai Welf Hoyme, Γιούλα Παπαδοπούλου & Παναγιώτης Τέντες, Marcantonio Lunardi, Maria Korporal, Marina Fomenko, Marina Velez, Pierre et Jean Villemin, Salvatore Insana, Sana Ghobbeh, Simone Stoll, Yannick Dangin Leconte aka YDL, Dimitrios Karatzas, Barbara Brugola, claRa apaRicio yoldi, Gerwin Luijendijk, Jeroen Cluckers & Wout Lievens, Katarzyna Rumińska, Felix Frederick, Yvana Samandova & Borjan Zarevski (bARuT), Theatrical Group – Department Of Theater Studies, Fred L’Epee, Yiannis Pappas, Cristina Pavesi, Claudia Cardenas & Rafael Schlichting, Dimitris Zouras, Ioannis Voulgaris, Constantine Nissidis.

Fest Miden

The screening will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos”, Antisthenous 7 & Tharyttou str, Neos Kosmos, Athens, 15.00-19.00h 

Total duration of the selection: 150 min

By “The World of Caspar”
Director – Marcantonio Lunardi
Music – Tania Giannouli

Program curator: Gioula Papadopoulou / Festival Miden

Screenings/setting: 4Frontal

Idea- project coordination: Georgina Kakoudaki

The festival’s team

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Helicon Films | New Design (2)

Helicon Films | New Design (2)

Helicon Films
Indie Film Label
Cinematography and Sound design


Fred L’Epee
Ed Alvarado
Kenneth Gentry
(United States – Switzerland)

Official website

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BorderBody – Mixing Cities | Bari, Italy International Art Festival


Borders & Mixing Identities
Palazzo Barone Ferrara
From 13th to 21th february 2014
Bari (Italy)

"Scapregrace" (2013)



“BorderBody – Mixing Identities” international art festival of photography, video art, installation and performing art will be held at the prestigious Palazzo Barone Ferrara in Bari (Italy) from the 13 to the 21 of February 2014.

Palazzo Barone Ferrara is a magnificent historic building of XIX century, symbol of importance and progress of the city. Located in the centre of Bari, is the headquarters and exhibition space of Banca Apulia bank.


BorderBody – Mixing Cities | Bari, Italy International Art Festival


“BorderBody” exhibitions cycle is conceived as a diffused and nomadic festival in different places of the world. “Mixing Identities”, the second chapter of this 3-event cycle, is focused on the hybridization of social identities. In contemporary societies boundaries are getting more and more fleeting, and also the identity, that makes each person or place a recognizable entity, turns out fluid and multiple. Cultural, religious, ethnic borders become changeable too. This change, this mutation has allowed to cross the inside of the identities, creating new possible crossings, new blends. There is no more limit between an identity and the other one but it is possible to walk, to cross a passage and to find oneself halfway through it, in a non-place, in a non-identity.

Openings from the 13 to the 21 of February 2014, from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM, at Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)

Video-screening program
During the opening night of “BorderBody – Mixing Identities” exhibition in Bari (Italy) will be projected all the selected videos. Here below the video-program for the following days:

Fred. L’Epee . Switzerland | Fouilhoux Biliana . France | Gabriella Parisi . Italy | Mar Garrido . Spain | Peter Ainsworth . UK | Katrina Stamatopoulos . Australia | Lucia Flego . Italy | Benoît Mussche . Belgium | Natalie McGowan . UK | Ellen Nunes . Brazil | Emmett Doherty . Ireland | Kasey McMahon . Italy | Stéphanie Roland . Belgium | Steven Verstuyft . Belgium | Robert Frankle . Luxembourg | German Arrubla . Colombia | Faizan Naveed . Pakistan | Esther Neate . Australia | Sietske Tjallingii . USA | Babak Andishmand . USA | Dygoro Sasaki . UK | Heejoo Gwen Kim . USA | Jose Evangelista . Portugal | Arda Yalkin . Turkey | Laura Harrison . USA | Marika Maiorova . USA | Ruby Wallis . Ireland | Danielle Zorbas . Australia – from the 14 to the 21 of February 2014, from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM will be projected videos by Nia Maria Moilanen and Chad Cogdill . Finland & USA | claRa . UK | Kate MacDonald . Canada | Antonis Kourkoulos . Greece | Paola Guerra . Italy | Daniel Pešta . Czech Republic | Susan Yeung . Singapore | Tsuyoshi Anzai . Japan | David Wasch & Harpo ‘t Hart . The Netherlands | Blanca Giménez . Spain | Mj Ripoll . Spain | Umber Majeed . USA | Geordy Alexis . France | Jiska de Vries . The Netherlands | Lauren Flinner . USA | Sophie Delaporte . France | Nooshin Rostami . USA | Mateo Fernández-Muro . Spain | Fabienne Berger and Bastien Genoux . Switzerland | Gregory Steel . USA | Mia Dudek . Poland

Organizer: International ArtExpo
Curator: Luca Curci
Press office: It’s LIQUID

More info on:




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Interview | Fred. L’Epee


Fred L’Epee
Interviewed by Mirjana Milosavljević

Curated by Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés
Para proyecto EntreVistArtista (EVA) Entre Tú y Yo © 2009 – 2013




The whole interview available on:



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International ArtExpo | Finland 2013


“The Testament” (2013)

Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities | Finland 2013
From 10th June to 16th June 2013.
Espoonsilta Gallery
Espoo (Finland)



The Testament (2013)



International ArtExpo is an independent group of artists founded in 2001 and mainly dedicated to contemporary art and videoart. Most of our last events have been realized in museums, galleries, private foundations and public institutions around the world. Our object is to use new technologies to globalize the language of art, to connect the conceptual points of contact of artists working in every part of the world, all united in the thick plot of the world net. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.


More info:



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