Solar Love (2015) | International Film Festival “On the road ” (Roma, Italy)

Solar Love (2015) Official selection International Film Festival “On the road” November 18th to December 5th 2015 Detour Cinema (Roma, Italy)     DOTR FF 015 , International Film Festival “On the road”. Landscapes and Escape routes is the theme of this year : Wonderland in erosion with changing landscapes, the possibility and impossibility to […]

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Helicon Films available on Vimeo

Helicon Films is an independent film production company based out of Switzerland and the United States that produces short films. The films are three to twenty-four minutes in running time. The films are in black and white, in color, or in a combination of both. The genre for these films is experimental with an emphasis […]

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Bipolar (2014) Film poster

Bipolar (2014) Film by Fred L’Epee Co-producers: Fred L’Epee, Ed Alvarado, Kenneth Gentry (United States, Switzerland) Genre Experimental Year 2014 Duration 08 mn 50s Language Silent Helicon Films 2014 This work is licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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Welcome to the Mojave Desert

“The Forgotten Film Gallery” is a web based documentary film and video art installation project which strives to showcase a collection of films dealing with interpretations of the forgotten and the indefinite time period during and after the present. The Forgotten Film Gallery will attempt to link the past, present and future using unique areas […]

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The Testament (2013)

  Film by Fred. L’Epee and Dimitra Pouliopoulou (Switzerland-Greece/ 8 min.)   This film is a visual work featuring the existential correlation between the body and its environment through the notion of the time deprived. Variable that may describe the loss of Identity. As an altered integrity in a social structure that is dismantled. At […]

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