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3rd International Festival Cinema Libre | Hamburg (Germany)

“The White Widow” (2015) is selected for the 3rd International Festival Cinema Libre of Hamburg (Germany) which will held from 28th to 30th August 2015.



Cinema libre differs from the cinema made by industry, television, business, entertainment, motion picture, technology and money. Free from rigths, under licence art libre or creative commons, it is shared and can be diverted without tethers.

To be independent from the film industry, movies can be self-produced, crowd funded and/or be produced with no money at all. In the last decade, digital technologies extended the space of cinema libre and enabled everyone to take back this way of expression swallowed up by industry for decades.

Analogue formats are also coming back as a way to explore and experiment things thanks to alternatives and shared laboratories which are growing up everywhere in the world.

Cinema libre has something to say, something to shout about. It does not pay attention to public expectations. It is neither a job, nor a business. It does not look for a return on investment. It ignores codes, formats and fashions. It is a cinema of experiments and it is often based on DIY, sharing, lightness and freshness.

Cinema libre places poetry before technique, life before show, and facts before effects. It is the antidote to the dominant and standardized pictures, which shape us.


Festival International Cinema Libre


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Mare’s Nest (2014) selected @Creative Arts Film Festival (Dec. 1st – 31th 2014)

Mare’s Nest (2014)
Creative Arts Film Festival
Awards Event / Online Festival
December 1st to 31th 2014
Malvern, PA 19355 (USA)


Mare’s Nest

Directed by Fred L’Epee, Kenneth Gentry
Produced by Helicon Films

In our film we posit the following question: is mankind in this postmodern era falling into a sort of collective madness, for which there may be neither a remedy nor a means of escape? It is an existential question regarding the postmodern condition. If one looks into the contemporary arts and sciences, one will find that this may well be the case. The postmodern condition has been characterized as that of denial (Pinker), shock (Hughes), disorder (Lwoff), chaos (Bloom), dismantling (Bauman), and oblivion (Borges). Do we find ourselves in a world, like it or not, of disarray, disillusionment, even illusion? Does this inevitably lead to internal and external conflicts? We will let each viewer of our film be the judge of that.


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We are happy to announce the official selection of film “Mare’s Nest” (2014) at the Creative Arts Film Festival from December 1st – 31th 2014 (Malvern, PA 19355/USA)

The Creative Arts Film Festival is an annual international online international short film festival that is designed to showcase and promote filmmakers. CAFF runs every December online and we offer worldwide exposure, free promotional listings, prizes, and we are the Official Home of the prestigious Perfect Spirit Film Awards.CAFF knows the value of a good film, and we do our best to let every creative artist know that it is all about them and their project. “CAFF believes that it is through a legion of fans that a filmmaker or screenwriter can build a solid career in entertainment.”

-Fel Angel
Filmmaker/Screenwriter/Festival Director/Creative Arts Film Festival

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New film project in process @HeliconFilms

New film project in process “Spiderland” (2014)
Soon released in the month of December.
Thanks for all your support.
Helicon Films

New film project in process


Helicon Films
Indie Film Label
Cinematography and Sound design

Official website

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“Bipolar” (2014) | Fest Miden & 4Frontal (Athens Greece)

We are happy to announce the Premiere of film “Bipolar” (2014) for the presentation of “The wanderer above the mist” inspired by Caspar David Friedrich. The festival will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos” on Sunday, November 9th in Athens, Greece.

Participant artists:
Daniel Lewan, Hamidreza Dibazar &Farid Hamedi (Rohina), Félix Fernández, Jacob Cartwright, Justyna Misiuk, Kai Welf Hoyme, Γιούλα Παπαδοπούλου & Παναγιώτης Τέντες, Marcantonio Lunardi, Maria Korporal, Marina Fomenko, Marina Velez, Pierre et Jean Villemin, Salvatore Insana, Sana Ghobbeh, Simone Stoll, Yannick Dangin Leconte aka YDL, Dimitrios Karatzas, Barbara Brugola, claRa apaRicio yoldi, Gerwin Luijendijk, Jeroen Cluckers & Wout Lievens, Katarzyna Rumińska, Felix Frederick, Yvana Samandova & Borjan Zarevski (bARuT), Theatrical Group – Department Of Theater Studies, Fred L’Epee, Yiannis Pappas, Cristina Pavesi, Claudia Cardenas & Rafael Schlichting, Dimitris Zouras, Ioannis Voulgaris, Constantine Nissidis.

Fest Miden

The screening will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos”, Antisthenous 7 & Tharyttou str, Neos Kosmos, Athens, 15.00-19.00h 

Total duration of the selection: 150 min

By “The World of Caspar”
Director – Marcantonio Lunardi
Music – Tania Giannouli

Program curator: Gioula Papadopoulou / Festival Miden

Screenings/setting: 4Frontal

Idea- project coordination: Georgina Kakoudaki

The festival’s team

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