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Interview Fred L’Epee | ART Habens Review (Special Issue 2017)

So glad to announce that my works has been featured with an interview in the upcoming special issue of ART Habens Contemporary Art Review


ART Habens
offers a unique opportunity to be published in print and digital issues, as well as online on our website and social media. Since its foundation, ART Habens has featured more than 800 painters, cinematographers and performers, giving to talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead, showing their works off the world through many publications, since it’s becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves.
After ten successful editions with the participation of hundreds of visual artists, performers and curators from all over the world, we are celebrating our twelve years long activity launching the 2018 biennial edition, that will once again explore new tendencies and trends in Contemporary Art.



The new special issue of ART Habens Art Review has been finally released: for this edition we have selected 9 artists from the international scene whose works explore process-driven changes in our society, who pair their observations with new media technologies to produce their art works. In this special issue:



Naoko Morisawa (USA/Japan)
Ken Clarke (Australia)
Ryan Andrade (USA)
Jacqueline van de Geer (The Netherlands/Canada)
Fred L’Epee (France)
Charlene Shih (United Kingdom)
Tsuoshy Anzai (Japan)
Parisa Taghipour (USA)
Mahsa Merci (United Kingdom)

The complete issue of ART Habens Art Review is available on several platforms including issuu and Joomag.

Official website:
ART Habens Issue:

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13th MARFICI | International Film Festival ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina)

“Athanasia” (2017) is selected at 13th International Independent Film Festival of Mar del Plata (Argentina) held from 5th to 12th of August 2017.

Athanasia (2017)

Throughout its thirteen years of history, MARFICI became a space for the diffusion of unique cinematographic works, which are not distributed through the commercial cinema circuit of the country, but which offer quality of performance, a vision of language Audiovisual or different from the efforts of its filmmakers to show the public a reality that would normally go unnoticed.

Marfici XIII

The Marplatenses find in the MARFICI a screen in which to access all those films that are not normally projected in the city; A window that opens to different cultures and ways of life, harsh everyday realities, inspiring life stories, profiles of outstanding artists, historical documentaries or that address the most important issues of the day.

A multidisciplinary team works throughout the year to bring Marplatense cinemas more than 300 hours of independent cinema that is renewed every year, and allows directors from around the world to project their films in Mar del Plata.

Official website:


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LoosenArt Gallery – Exhibition May 2017 Space Millepiani (Rome, Italy)

We are delighted that Athanasia (2017) is selected for the Photography Exhibition “The Image of the Savage at LoosenArt Gallery from 3rd to 11th of May 2017 at the Space Millepiani (Rome, Italy).




An invitation to take part in the group exhibition that will expose “The image of the Savage”, an opportunity to highlight an intrinsic aspect of human nature and of the world in which he lives, “an image of the savage” that often emerges from cultural and technological patina with which the man builds his refuges from reality, but from which he is inevitably recalled in the evidence of his behavior, and in manifestation of the nature of the world from which every living being originates.


The Image of the Savage│Mostra collettiva fotografica
Via Nicolò Odero, 13
Rome, Italy

Free Entry
Opening on Wednesday, 3th of May 2017 @4:00 pm
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00

Selected Artworks

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