IVAHM 2017 | New Media Arts Festival Madrid Museo La Neomudejar (Madrid, Spain)

Athanasia (2017) IVAHM’ 17 | New Media Art Festival From 10th to 21th of May 2017 Museo La Neomudejar Madrid (Spain)   IVAHM // International Video Art House Madrid The IVAHM Festival is held every year in Madrid with the aim of bringing new proposals from national and international artists to the general public. Since […]

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Athanasia (2017) | Film now available

Athanasia (2017) Project by Fred L’Epee Music composer Rey Eisen Produced by Helicon Films Genre Experimental fiction Year 2017 Duration 05mn. 30s Synopsis “When this corruptible body has assumed its incorruptibility, and this mortal body has clothed itself with immortality (athanasia), then the word that is written will be fulfilled: Death has been engulfed in victory” […]

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Work in Progress ‘Athanasia’ (2017)

Athanasia (2017) Film by Fred L’Epee Music Composer Rey Eisen Helicon Films Soon released in the upcoming weeks. Helicon Films is an independent film production company based out of Switzerland and the United States that produces short films. The films are three to twenty-four minutes in running time. The films are in black and white, in […]

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Derive (2016) | Film now available

Derive (2016) Film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-baptiste Lozac’h. Music by William Ryan Fritch. Helicon Films     Genre Experimental/Fiction Year 2016 Duration 15mn. 50s.   Between an inexhaustible past and a non-unfoldable future: a chase after the horizon and some areas of refuge. Between what we believe, what we lived and what we would […]

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