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3rd International Festival Cinema Libre | Hamburg (Germany)

“The White Widow” (2015) is selected for the 3rd International Festival Cinema Libre of Hamburg (Germany) which will held from 28th to 30th August 2015.



Cinema libre differs from the cinema made by industry, television, business, entertainment, motion picture, technology and money. Free from rigths, under licence art libre or creative commons, it is shared and can be diverted without tethers.

To be independent from the film industry, movies can be self-produced, crowd funded and/or be produced with no money at all. In the last decade, digital technologies extended the space of cinema libre and enabled everyone to take back this way of expression swallowed up by industry for decades.

Analogue formats are also coming back as a way to explore and experiment things thanks to alternatives and shared laboratories which are growing up everywhere in the world.

Cinema libre has something to say, something to shout about. It does not pay attention to public expectations. It is neither a job, nor a business. It does not look for a return on investment. It ignores codes, formats and fashions. It is a cinema of experiments and it is often based on DIY, sharing, lightness and freshness.

Cinema libre places poetry before technique, life before show, and facts before effects. It is the antidote to the dominant and standardized pictures, which shape us.


Festival International Cinema Libre


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11th MARFICI | International Film Festival ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina)

“Bipolar” (2014) is selected for the 11th MARFICI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina) which will held from 22th to 29th August 2015.



The MARFICI festival is the third largest private company in Latin America, a region where the film is to distribute the most independent channels of expressions that are not accessible. The goal is to create a diffusion space of independent film productions with an international, national and local level.


11th Marfici International Film Festival


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The Diary (2015) Film now available

The Diary (2015)
Film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Music by Barghsdn and Globoscuro 
Year 2015
Duration 08mn 03s

“Our breath is still alive till the end of time. Living the flapping wings beyond to our pulsations. A few pieces of open sky. Covered by the silence of each others. At each step; we’re walking through the wind, when the blood flows in time. An ephemeral life”.– Synopsis


Helicon Films 2015
Fred L’Epee
Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Ed Alvarado
Licenced under Creative Commons


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Film project in process “The Diary” (2015)

A film by Fred L’Epee and Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Music soundtrack by Braghsdn & Globoscuro (Phobias)
Soon released in the month of August.
Thanks for all your support.

Helicon Films

The Diary (2015)


Helicon Films is an independent film production company based out of Switzerland and the United States that produces short films. The films are three to twenty-four minutes in running time. The films are in black and white, in color, or in a combination of both. The genre for these films is experimental with an emphasis on exploring existential themes. We produce three or four films per year. There are three divisions of our production company: production, preproduction, and postproduction.


Executive producer:
Fred L’Epee
Jean-Baptiste Lozach
Ed Alvarado

LinkHelicon Films


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