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Bipolar (2014) |10th Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) May 21-24, 2015 (Montreal, Canada)

BIPOLAR (2014)
Film by Fred L’Epee, Elam Ellis Embarq and Ed Alvarado
10th Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF)
May 21-24, 2015
Montreal, Canada

MUFF celebrates and promotes low-budget filmmakers who challenge the limitations of mainstream cinema, making the world a more exciting, engaging place to live. We showcase inventive filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of independent film. We encourage experimental work that is radical, visionary, subversive.


MUFF is a small, dedicated collective of programmers in search of creative moving image work featuring any experimental combination of narrative, non-narrative, documentary, animation, sound, style, performance. We are looking for films that highlight the power of the paracinematic to disrupt the status quo—deviant work, unafraid to challenge and enrich the spectator’s relationship to the everyday and to the medium itself.

MUFF is committed to the idea that some of the most unique and critical voices are those that come from the margins—artistic, social, cultural, political. Expose your vision to MUFF!

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