International Conference @University of Copenhagen/Denmark (9th-10th April 2015)

‘Pathology of the Images’ (45 min. incl. discussion)
International Conference/ University of Copenhagen (DK)
Program: “What is an Image” on 9th and 10th April 2015.

Pathology of Images

Lev Manovich (New York): “The Images of Big Data” (85 min. incl. discussion 15 min.) Keynote. Andreas Stæhr (Copenhagen) “The Symbols Played” (25 min. incl. discussion 5 min.) Bent Fausing (Copenhagen) “The Image. The Currency of our Soul” (45 min. incl. discussion 10 min.) Fred L’Epee (Athens/Genève) “Pathology of the Images” (45 min. incl. discussion 10 min.) James Elkins (Chicago)”What was and is an Image” (85 min. incl. discussion, 15 minutes). Keynote.

Joanna Zylinska (London) “What Is an Image When There’s No One To See It?: Photography after the Human” (85 min. incl. discussion, 15 min.). Keynote. Louise Yung Nielsen (Ålborg/Copenhagen): “Fashion blogging: Body image and media” (25 min. incl. discussion, 5 min.), Jesper Juul (Copenhagen) “The Return of the Big Pixel: The changing Meaning of Graphics in Independent Video Games” (25 min. incl. discussion, 5 min.) Toni Hildebrandt (Bern) “On Gestures and Images Made by Chance. On Cage’s and Anastasi’s Drawings” (25 min. incl. discussion, 5 min.) Troels Degn Johansen (Copenhagen) “Programmatic Images: Rikke Luther’s Learning Site Posters and the Iconoclasm of Relational art” (45 min. incl. discussion, 10 min.). Farida Vis (Sheffield) “Visual Social Media Lab” (45 min. incl. discussion, 10 min.) with Anne Burns and Simon Faulkner.

Keynote speakers: James Elkins, Lev Manovich, Joanna Zylinska.
Organizer: Bent Fausing
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