Film “The Island” | Video Art Festival at PPC’s PoP Up Kino (Berlin, Germany)

The Island (2011)
Video Art Festival
PPC’s PoP Up Kino
On 17th January
Berlin (Germany)

List of selected authors and works form community for #4 Blu!:

01 The Island by Fred. L’Epee (CH – GR)
02 Sheep herding in Denmark by (DK)
03 Weir and clouds by Bert Cuyp (UK)
04 Die Stille by Irene Cruz (ES)
05 Synosius by nu_miel (PL)
06 The concept of water by Otto (IT)
07 No NAME by Christian Niccoli (IT)


To be screened within the frame of POP UP KINO International video art festival #4, which will take place in KLEINER SALON, located at the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. The theme of this edition is: Blu! The event is organised by Grundkreuz. Within the POP UP KINO event a ELMUR.NET video selection is presented, in every occasion curated by an external curator.

ELMUR.NET cooperates with Pop Up Kino monthly video art event. The video art screening event will be periodically held at PPC Gallery in Berlin, a new arty and welcoming artspace based in the neighborhood of Neukölln. Pop Up kino showcases creative videos selected under a specific theme, for every occasion an external curator is invited to join the team. Pop Up Kino aims to promote visibility of video art and video creatives from around the world showcasing their works in the german capital. Within every event a ELMUR.NET section curated by guest curators will be also on show. A great opportunity to promote’s community members and their creations to new audiences and videoart specialists.

More info:

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