Fred L'Epee – Film Maker


2nd International Festival Cinema Libre | Hamburg (Germany)

Scapegrace (2013)
Official selection
2nd International Festival Cinema Libre
From 29th to 31th of August 2014
Hamburg (Germany)



Cinema Libre is produced by people who have to say something. Cinema libre is placing poetry before technique/technology, life before show, and facts before effects. It is the antidote to dominant and standardized pictures, which are shaping us. It differs from the cinema made by industry, television, business, entertainment, motion picture technology and money. Cinema Libre does not pay attention to public expectations. It is neither a job, nor a business. It does not look for a return on investment. It ignores codes, formats and fashions. It is a cinema of experiments and many times it is based on DIY, sharing, lightness and freshness.


2nd International Festival Cinema Libre From 29th to 31th of August 2014 Hamburg (Germany)


To be independent from the film industry, movies can be self-produced, crowd funded and/or be produced with no money at all. These movies are sometimes labelled as “amateur movies”. Furthermore there are movies, which are under copyleft licences or under Creative Commons licences and can be shared and modified freely. Even some movies produced in the traditional way divert themselves from the conformism that is involved in/ belongs to the hegemonic system.  

In the last decade, digital technologies extend the space of cinema libre.

This is a chance to promote the cinema libre, since the access from creation to diffusion is now available for many people.

By definition, cinema libre has no definition. That’s why this festival wants to be an occasion to develop this idea of cinema. By watching movies – your movies – and by giving space and time for discussions we will try to make the cinema libre defining itself.



More info and program:


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