10th MARFICI | International Film Festival ‘Mar del Plata’ (Argentina)


“The Passengers” (2010) and “The Testament” (2013) are selected to participate to 10th MARFICI, Independent Film Festival of “Mar del Plata” held from 9th -16th August 2014 (Argentina).


The Passengers (2010)



The Testament (2013)


The Independent Film Festival of Mar del Plata, MARFICI, celebrates ten years of life with a strong presence of local productions including the opening film, Hero Current, Miguel Monforte stands in Film + History section, which documents the Falklands veteran, Julio Aro, who lives in Mar del Plata and looking at their fallen comrades in unmarked graves in the cemetery of Darwin in the islands. The director also participated in previous editions of the festival was as programmer and fulfilling that role, he created the National Short Film Competition section and Dance Dreams, both dedicated to Argentine fictions.


10th MARFICI 2014


The selection and scheduling of the festival was led by Diego Menegazzi, Veronica Paz and Guillermo Colantonio. The guest programmers are Fabian Sancho, Silvia Romero Unusual Film Festival.

The International Independent Film Festival of Mar del Plata was declared of interest Honorable Council General Pueyrredón.

The Festival was in charge of the Cultural Events Civil Association of Mar del Plata.


Official website: http://marfici.org/



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