‘AXIAL ART MEETS’- Avilés, Asturias [Spain] Exhibition from 11 january to 22 march 2014

January – March 2014
Exhibition “Axial Art Meets”
Curated by Jaime Rodriguez and Cesar Naves
Exhibition of film posters
Films projection of “In Exilum”, “Contemporary Man”, “Scapegrace”.
From 11 january to 22 march 2014
Avilés, Asturias [Spain]


Axial Art Meets – FRED. L EPEE

Axial Art Meets - Exhibition Fred. L'Epee


AXIAL art_meets has been conceived to accommodate different kinds of artistic expression in a physical and virtual space, insisting on the new conditions that are needed to exhibit the latest creations, to promote various cultural encounters and generate a new area of interest, capable of attracting private collectors.

The space is exclusive and closed. It can only be accessed by means of a personal invitation or through a telephone or mail personal request. To request a visit of the space and access to the works of the artists represented by AXIAL art_meets entails a willingness to buy their works or other financial compensation to help the maintenance of culture and contemporary art.

The program consists on four annual exhibitions, either individual or collective, which will be previously announced on the website before each opening. Exhibitions can be watched free of charge on line. The purchase of the various pieces displayed, publications, artist books, limited editions can also be made on line.


Axial Art Meets (Exhibition)


More info:

Official website:



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