NORM/ No-madic Lives Project (2012-2014) Multimedia exhibition at ‘MINUS 5′ Artspace (Beirut, Lebanon)


NORM/ No-madic Lives Project (2012-2014)
International video art project
Multimedia Exhibition at ‘MINUS 5’
From 23th August – 07th September 2013
Beirut (Lebanon)


Project - "NORM/NO-madic Lives"


Project: Influences overview 

In the light of the tumultuous past 12 months – where political   economic forces caused seismic shudders across the global financial system , combined with the deeply inspirational protests,   regime change enacted during the Arab Spring across Yemen,Egypt, Libya   now Syria. this project exhibtion is a reaction to these events in 2011   draws inspiration from actions of people across the globe who feel they can enact social change. the Project is dedicated to these people of regime change – irrespective of their cultural background or religion.

The key themes of “NORM/No-madic Lives” is that of trans-global cultural exchange of ideas : their similarities   disjunctions utilising actual gallery spaces online promotion   interaction. The project is intended to highlight not only pan-global artistic links   expression but also the innovative use of digital technology   contemporary communication modes ( digital art media ,email, web-site interaction) in new innovative modes of cultural exchange across borders travelling from city to city over the next 12-24 months.

“NORM/No-madic Lives” is an self-funded project utilising digital media, communication   expression outside of the traditional modes of gallery representation or control.


Norm-Nomadic Live Project by Simon Mack


Update :

1) Melbourne – March/ April 2012
2) Liverpool – October/ December 2012
3) Beirut – 2013
4) Copenhagen – 2013
5) San Francisco – 2013
6) Berlin – 2014
7) Bogota- 2014
8) Ramallah – 2014


Project Artists:

Simon Mack (liverpool-uk)
Phil Hargreaves (liverpool -uk)
(as Hargreaves + Mack)
Lorna Crane (melbourne-australia)
Dima Hourani (ramallah-palestine/norway)
Ghayyan al Amine (Shortfuse Films: beirut-lebanon)
Lars Buchardt (copenhagen -denmark)
Fred. L’Epée (switzerland-greece)
Other artists TBC


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