Videoholica International Festival 2013 (Varna, Bulgaria)


International Video Art Festival
[Out of focus!]
From 01 – 06 August 2013
Varna (Bulgaria)


VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival 2013


The International Video Art Festival Videoholica 2013 will be held from1st to 6th of August in Varna under the title OUT OF FOCUS!, with an appeal for a visual, artistic and political defocusing.

The sixth Videoholica presents international video art in six consecutive days in six thematic blocks, one of which circulates around the theme of the festival OUT OF FOCUS! [DEFOCUS, REFOKUS! and IN FOCUS], and others focus on the sections of the festival and the locations where they will be presented [shorts –HorizonTAG – Club Horizont; animation – AniMenthol – Club Menthol]. Bulgarian videos are collected in the compilation BG FOCUS MOCUS that will be screened on August 2nd in the backyard of the Puppet Theatre Varna.

147 video art works by 138 artists, who have been selected from a total of 289 videos of 222 authors, will compete for the official awards of Videoholica – GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE AND YOUNG VIDEOHOLIC. The jury of Videoholica 2012, who will adjudge the prizes, includes: Asena Gunal (cultural manager, Turkey), Vladiya Mihaylova (curator, Bulgaria), Eirini Olympiou (video art curator, Greece), Max Hattler (artist, UK / Germany), Marcantonio Lunardi (artist, Gold Videoholic of 2012, Italy).

The presentation program of Videoholica 2013 includes: Athens Video Art Festival – presentation and special selection 2013, which will be presented by the Director of the festival Ilias Chatzichristodoulou (Greece) and festival video art curator Eirini Olympiou (Greece); program manager Asena Gunal (Turkey) will present recent projects and initiatives of DEPO Center for Art, Culture and Debate in Istanbul; Bulgarian curator Vladiya Mihaylova (Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia) is coming to Videoholica 2013 with her latest curatorial project “On the Suspense or How to Hide a Bomb under the Table”, which presents young Bulgarian artists working in video art; GOLD VIDEOHOLIC 2012 Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) will talk about his last film “Choir”; video artists Max Hattler (UK / Germany) and Sune Petersen (Denmark) will talk about their work as artists and will present their join audio-visual performance HATTLERIZED MOTORSAW.

The open-air locations of Videoholica 2013 are the State Puppet Theatre – Varna, HORIZONT Summer Club in the Sea Garden of Varna and Menthol Club at the central Varna beach. Varna City Art Gallery, ARHIS Gallery, GRAPHIT Gallery and contemporary space will host other projections as well as lectures and presentations of the sixth Videoholica.

The main sponsors of the VIDEOHOLICA 2013 are the Varna Municipality [Program for Creative Projects and Varna – Candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019] and Affect Media (Varna, Bulgaria). VIDEOHOLICA is organized by the Association Videoholica (Varna, Bulgaria) with the support of the Goethe-Institut Sofia (Bulgaria), Archis Gallery (Varna, Bulgaria), Club Menthol (Varna, Bulgaria), contemporary space (Varna, Bulgaria), GRAFFIT Gallery (Varna, Bulgaria), State Puppet Theater (Varna, Bulgaria), Summer Club HORIZONТ (Varna, Bulgaria), Varna City Art Gallery (Bulgaria) as well as with the support of many friends of Videoholica from home and abroad.

(Source: http:// www. labforculture. org/)



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