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Exposition XXart 2013 – L’ Art en grands formats (3ème édition) @Espace Nobuyoshi du 26 avril au 1er mai 2013.


XXart 2013




Exposition XXArt, l’art en grands formats, 3ème édition (entrée libre)
Du 26 avril au 1er mai 2013
Espace Nobuyoshi – La Mulonnière
37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher



XXart 2013 XXart 2013 XXart 2013



Du 26 avril au 1er mai, 59 artistes s’exposent en grands formats à l’espace Nobuyoshi
(La Mulonnière – 37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher).

Plasticiens, peintres, sculpteurs, photographes, calligraphes, graffeurs et vidéastes seront au rendez-vous de cette troisième édition.

Ouverture du site tous les jours de 11h à 20h
Entrée Libre – parking – Espace restauration.



From 26 April to 1 May, 59 artists will exhibit in large formats at Nobuyoshi Space (Mulonnière – 37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher).

Artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, calligraphers, graffiti artists and videographers will be at the rendezvous of this third edition.

Opening the site every day from 11h to 20h
Free Admission – Parking – Dining area.




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Exposition XXArt 2013, 3ème édition.


Exposition XXArt 
L’art en grands formats, 3ème édition.
Du 26 avril au 1er mai 2013
Espace Nobuyoshi – La Mulonnière
37360 Saint Antoine du Rocher



My films listed will be screened:

Elegia (2011)
Molecule Past (2009)
Scaramanga Land (2011)
The Departure (2009)
The Move (2010)
The Passengers (2010)
The room of Franz Kafka (2010)
The Testament (2013)
Unconcerned but not Indifferent (2011)






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“The Forgotten Film Gallery 2013” projected in Tecopa Jail and Soda Mountain Dry Lake. Mojave Desert, California.



By now I should share the beginning timeline for the 2013 Forgotten Film Gallery.   More films with the lonely desert and the critters again. This time started with an old jail in Tecopa and part of an abandoned resort facing the Soda Dry Lake. Robert Fulton, manager of Cal Sate University Desert Studies Center welcomed us including myself, family our talented executive producer Fred L’Epee and our films as the Desert Research Center’s guests. He also gave a candid interview concerning some of the environmental challenges facing the Soda Mountains and the Mojave. More on that later along with more films and story stand tuned…


Featuring works from video and sound artists:
Frederic Chagnard
Agnès Hardy
Fred L’Epée
Dimitra Pouliopoulou
Rouzbeh Rashidi
Barbara De Dominicis
H.D. Lange
Roy Anamitra
Ginnetta Correli
Dirk Driesen
Jason Marsh
Chris Marsh
Istvan Horkay
Alastair Cook
Roland Quelven
Maria Niro
Fabio Scacchioli
David Sanchez Burr
Jared Blum
Zigo Rayopineal
Pinina Podestà
Sofia Koubli
Jesse Richards
Tania Giannouli
Ron Diorio
Jon Obsworth
Ernest Worthing
Kent Tate
Maria Korporal
Jon Obsworth
Erick Flores Garnelo
J DeSalvo
Rasoul Moareknejad
Cis Minor



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Welcome to the Mojave Desert

“The Forgotten Film Gallery” is a web based documentary film and video art installation project which strives to showcase a collection of films dealing with interpretations of the forgotten and the indefinite time period during and after the present. The Forgotten Film Gallery will attempt to link the past, present and future using unique areas of the Mojave desert and the World Wide Web as it’s gallery installation space.


Fred L'Epee in the Mojave desert


The goal for the Forgotten Film Gallery is to unite the new with the old. Link the past to the future using the remoteness of the desert as the gallery space and the world wide web as a platform to distribute a documentary freely with the public.

By utilizing the lonely desert as an audience. Contemporary artists might continue to create freely without the fear of rejection. Sharing the film on the web will also allow the general public to recognize and value the importance of our often under appreciated past and present natural environment.


The Forgotten Film Gallery

Mojave desert  3 Mojave desert  4 Mojave desert  5 Mojave desert  6 Mojave desert  7 The forgotten film gallery 1 The Forgotten Film Gallery 2



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