Fred L'Epee – Film Maker


Screening Event in Chios (Greece)

In Exilum (2012)


In Exilum (2012)
Film Fred. L’Epee will be screening via Festival Miden.
Part of the program “Now you see me…Now you don’t”.
From 2 and 3 Febuary 2013
Calliope Artspace, Chios.


More info and program:



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Institut 17 Elektronische Musik und Akustik



Audio visual collaboration between Takuto Fukuda,
Faraòn Meteosès and Fred L’Epee will be screened
at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics.
@20:00 on 29th January to IEM Cube, Graz (Austria).



More info on:

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