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Program contempolab 2012

contempolab 2012  
Varna 15-16th December 2012



Third edition of contempolab will run as an open meeting – a conversation between curators, gallerists and cultural managers of NGOs dedicated to survival strategies in contemporary izkustvo. Tselta collection of profiles is to share experience, exchange of working tricks definition of the main difficulties , consolidation of interests and resources to change the legal obstacles. In parallel program included art Laban matinee, submit a draft of Cyril 0 Kuzmanov curated Vladiya Mihailova portrait of director Alexander Nikolov. Screening of the film “Elegy”Film by Fred L’Epee & Dimitra Pouliopoulou / Switzerland- Greece.

Contempolab  is an educational art management platform for young professionals, artists, gallerists and curators of the festival program contempo.

Festival of Contemporary Art  Contempo  e noncommercial platform to encourage, promote and present the work of young artists to 35 godini.Sazdaden the idea of the artist Raya Georgieva / 1978-2009 / contempo realized by the “Georgieva Heaven” in 2009 and in partnership with support formal, informal youth organizations, businesses and public entities in the field of culture and creative industrii.  Kurator a 2012 Contempo is Dora Doncheva.

Foundation “Raya Georgieva” was established in 2009 in Varna. Its main objectives are to keep the memory of the work of artist Raya Georgieva / 1978 – 2009 / supports and enables young artists to realize their ideas, creating scenes and events for creative dialogue and experimentation.

Partners contempolab 2012:

Association for Cultural Management “Sea Blue” gallery “Bulart”, Contemporary Space, Art In the Dark Zone, Artin Vision Archaeological Museum – Varna,


Foundation Raya Georgieva
(+ 359) 0887 244 882
e-mail: contempo.weekend @


Contact Us 

– Space contemporary: / ContemporarySpace
– Bulart Gallery:
– Association for Cultural Management “navy”:
– ART “blind” zone:
– Artin Vision:
– Archaeological Museum Varna:
– “Open Art”:

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Annual Bulart Exhibition | 11 .12. 2012 | Ecology of memory / Random project

Bulart gallery
Ecology of memory | Random project


Annual Exhibition at the Bullart gallery



Annual Bulart Exhibition
Ecology of memory / Random project
11 december 2012 – 30 january 2013


About the project
In the project “Ecology of memory / random project” participated 20 artists from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. The main idea is to create a kind of semiotic puzzle of  modalities of collective consciousness today, the new form which is recovering by popular culture and which creates  new filtered  approach to present life- system of values. As a tool in the project are included the works from the gallery collection, part of its sixteen years history.its  is forming archetypal important points of the research. The visual code of the project handled by means of video, photography, sculpture and painting, and also  the irony is  a must-read condition.


alessandra arno (italy)| boris kolev| biliana rubinova| cristina larocca (italy)| danil yordanov (bugaria-germany)| darya vasilianska | fred l’ epee (switzerland) & dimitra pouliopoulou (greece)| ilka peycheva| krassimir russev| kaloyan iliev – kokimoto| marleen  andreev (germany)| paolo vivian (italy)| raya georgieva (1978-2009)| rumen dimitrov-popa | samuil stoyanov| tereza zikovska | yordan kissiov| vikenti komitski (bulgaria-germany).



Bulart gallery | 22 shipka st.| Varna 9000| Bulgaria



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Elegia (2011) at the BULART GALLERY. Varna, Bulgaria (Dec.11th – 30th Jan. 2013)


Elegia (2011)
Film Fred. L’Epée & Dimitra Pouliopoulou

“Ecology of memory /Random project”
Annual exhibition | Bulart gallery @ 7 pm
11 december 2012 – 30 january 2013
Varna, Bulgaria.


Elegìa (2011)



See more in



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International Film Festival of Thessaloniki (December 12th – 16th 2012)

06 TiSFF 2012
December 12th – 16th 2012.
ALEXANDROS Cultural Center
Thessaloniki (Greece)


Tisff of Thessaloniki 2012

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Elegia (2011) Official Selection for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

ELEGIA (2011)
Film by Fred. L’Epee & Dimitra Pouliopoulou.

December 12th – 16th 2012.
Thessaloniki (Greece)


Film by Fred. L'Epee & Dimitra Pouliopoulou


For more info about the festival:


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