Videoholica 2012 / 5th International Festival Varna, Bulgaria from 30.07 – 03.08 2012. Selection film “The Island” / Fred. L’Epee


“The Island” (2011)
Film Fred. L’Epée

Official selection – 05th Edition
30th July – 03 August
Archeological Museum
Varna, Bulgaria


To everyone’s surprise, including to the surprise of the organizers, the 5th International Video Art Festival Videoholica 2012 in Varna is a fact.

This year again, video art, in various renderings and compilations, programs and locations, lectures and presentations from all around the world, will be shown in Varna from 30 July to 3 August. The fifth jubilee Videoholica will run in five consecutive days and will present six video compilations in a competition programme, which will be evaluated by a five-member international jury.

The competition programme Videoholica 2012 is assorted in six video art blocks – three, so-called international video art compilations/BLOCK IN-TER 1, 2 and 3; a selection of themed video that interprets the objects water, rivers and seas /THIS TIME WATERS, RIVERS AND SEAS ONLY, WITHOUT ANY PEOPLE OF LABOUR/; a video art selection in aspect ratio of 4:3, which is being neglected lately /4:3 BLOCK/; and a selection of video art from countries that were part of the former Soviet Bloc /EKS-BLOCK/.

After a six-month international Open Call of Videoholica 2012, 192 authors applied with 279 video art works to take part in this year’s festival. Out of these, Videoholica will present 129 videos of 110 authors who will compete for the first official awards in the five-year history of Videoholica, namely GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE AND YOUNG VIDEOHOLIC. The jury of Videoholica 2012, who will adjudge the prizes, includes: Arvidas Zhalpis (artist, curator / Kaunas, Lithuania); Dora Doncheva (curator, gallerist / Varna), Stefan Nikolaev (artist, researcher / Sofia), Ivo Ivanov (artist, DJ / Sofia) and Elitsa Mateeva (theater critic, director / Varna).

Within the initiative of Videoholica to invite Bulgarian pioneers in video art, Videoholica 2012 presents the artist Krassimir Tersiev with an artist talk in the Graphite Gallery and solo exhibition in gallery Bulart on July 31. Three international video festivals are visiting Videoholica 2012 with presentations and video art selections: Festival “Kaunas mene. Kalbėjimasis” (Kaunas, Lithuania), Festival Oodaaq (Rennes, France), International Video Festival in Kansk (Kansk, Russia). An audio-visual performance, based on the radio play “Facebook” by Elitsa Mateeva with visual interference by Neno Belchev, can be seen on 31 July in the Archaeological Museum – Varna after the evening screening. The audience of Videoholica 2012 will see the projection program of Dauhaus Studio, Sofia, namely “TIME – MATERIAL”, presented by Ivo Ivanov, who will open Videoholica 2012 with audio-visual set on July 30 in the Archaeological Museum – Varna.

The open-air locations of Videoholica 2012 are the traditional Archaeological Museum – Varna, the State Puppet Theatre – Varna, with the recent addition of the HORIZONT Summer Club in the Sea Garden of Varna. ARHIS, GRAPHITE and BULART galleries will host lectures, presentations and exhibitions of the fifth Videoholica.

The main sponsor of the VIDEOHOLICA 2012 is Affect Media (Varna). VIDEOHOLICA is organized by the Association Videoholica (Varna) with the logistical support of the Archaeological Museum (Varna), Gallery Arhis (Varna), Gallery Bulart (Varna), Gallery Graphite (Varna), Puppet Theatre (Varna) and Summer Club Horizont (Varna) as well as with the support of many friends of Videoholica from home and abroad.



For more information, contact:
Pavlina Mladenova



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