Cinema – Forum des Images (Paris) Projection “The Passengers” (2010)

The Passengers (2010)
Film Fred L’Epée

LE 23 JUIN À 15H00 au Forum des Images




Who we are…

Created in 1988 to compile an audiovisual memory bank of Paris, the Forum des Images has since celebrated cinema and moving pictures of all kinds. Fiction films, documentaries, animated films, shorts and feature films, television series, computer films… at the Forum, all genres, formats and audiovisual disciplines find a unique meeting place designed for sharing ideas and emotions; a place both recognized by industry professionals and tremendously successful with audiences.

Celebrating diversity and international cinema, encouraging cultural exchanges and critical thought, rethinking our era and our world, pushing limits and creating surprise, promoting film literacy amongst the youngest audiences… And all this through the eye of the camera!

A rich and eclectic program

Thematic film series, the backbone of our programming policy, offer the opportunity to shed new and original light on major social themes by instituting a dialogue between very diverse works, from art house films to mainstream popular productions past and present. Every year, the Forum des Images organizes a dozen festivals, which are open to the general public and which emphasize contemporary productions. It also organizes events centered on animation and documentaries. Last but not least, it offers programs for young audiences, specifically designed for 18-month-old children and older.

A crossroads to meet and exchange views

The Académie is where the Forum stages debates open to all visiters. Guests include industry professionals and influential personalities from other fields who come to share their views on the silver screen: philosophers, sociologists, historians… Master classes, discussions and film courses have already brought together renowned cinema personalities: Michael Caine, Michel Ciment, Francis Ford Coppola, Costa-Gavras, Gérard Depardieu, Amos Gitaï, Stéphane Goudet, James Gray, Isabelle Huppert, Mike Leigh, Peter Lord, Axelle Ropert, Jerry Schatzberg, Agnès Varda, etc.

A collection of films unique in the world

With over 5,000 hours of filmed material, this priceless cultural heritage focused on the city of Paris harbors treasures dating from 1895 up to the present day in a wide variety of formats and genres: feature films shot in Paris, shorts from the early years of cinema, animated films, documentaries, music videos, advertisements, stock footage, etc. All digitized and readily available at all times, these works can be consulted on individual screens, one person or several people at a time. Cinema à la carte for everyone!






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