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9th Cotec Congress of Occupational Therapy in Stockholm (24th-27th May 2012)


‘Hypothesis of travelling’ (2010) 19mn
A documentary by mental health service users at occupational therapy department.

Miranda Pouliopoulou1, Dimitra Pouliopoulou1Fred. L’Epée 2
1) Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece  2) Film maker, Switzerland


Introduction: From 2008 onwards, a cinematography group consisting of mental health service users functions at the Social Rehabilitation Unit, Occupational Therapy Department of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece. Among its projects, “Hypothesis of Travelling” documentary was realised.

Aim: The direct participation and active contribution of the service users, in order to express themselves through filmic art.

Methods: Documentary was based on the creativity of users, their own immediate experience and their active contribution in all stages of its realisation, aided by constant dialogue among occupational therapist, psychologist and film maker. Six users worked as extras in a major movie and the whole event was recorded.

Results: Developed an open dialogue over psychiatric rehabilitation putting forward the creation of an audiovisual project at the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki.

Conclusion: When specialists and service users cooperate on an equal basis, transcending psychiatric establishment boundaries, social rehabilitation and de-stigmatisation is feasible.



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