Fred L'Epee – Film Maker


Experimental Video Art/ Bashimi Art House Antalya (Turkey)

BachModern Project pleased to present

E.V.A. – Experimental Video Art / Spring Screening Collection.


The Island (2011)
Film by Fred. L’Epée

26 March – 06 April 2012

Venues: Akdeniz (Mediterranean) University/ Fine Art Faculty

Olbia Art Gallery and Fine Art Faculty Exhibition Saloon

Organisation Responsibles: Sebnem Basimi Holzer and Cengiz Bodur

Antalya/ Turkey



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VideoBites -The Everything Else #04 (Berlin)

The Island (2011)

VideoBites — The Everything Else #04
Organized by Elmur Net.
6th March 2012 at 18:30
Venue: A.A.A. in Berlin-Mitte: Ackerstraße 18,
10115 BERLIN




A rainbow, a sunrise or a sunset, a street, a year, a day or an afternoon, a minute, a second, waves, vibrations, rythm and unrhythm , synchronicity, connexions and disconnections. Time, Change, doubts, decisions, plans, actions, destiny, revolutions and evolutions… Is everything connected to everything else? what is “the other” and what is “me”? Is it another language, culture or point of view? Is it something I am not interested on, or may I just not know about it? … Is the everything else weird, mysterious, distant or ignored? Beautiful, curious or inspiring? Is is out there? or is it inside? what is it that, we call the “Everything Else”? and A.A.A. present a monthly evening of experimental videos, clips and moving images in relation to “Everything Else!” Join the visual conversation among creative citizens from around the globe.



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BeyondZero at Stockwell Studios (London)

“The Passengers” (2010)
Film by Fred. L’Epée

BeyondZero Exhibition.
Flexi Space @ Stockwell Studios.
From 9th to 18th March 2012.
McCall Close, Jeffryes Road.
London (UK)


ProjectOroom in collaboration with CIA (Creative Intelligence Agency) and Stockwell Studios invites artists worldwide to submit exciting, thought provoking art work for a Climate Change themed exhibition at Flexi Space – Stockwell Studios London. BeyondZero aims to explore the impact of climate change and its effects on our environment and societies. The theme can be interpreted broadly: whether critical, utopian, ironic, literal or metaphorical, we invite all artists to explore this theme and share their views on Climate Change.

To visit in London the “BeyondZero Exhibition” at Stockwell Studios


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