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L’autre cinéma | Kassandre

L’autre cinéma | Kassandre


Kassandre is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote and support a free & open cinema.


Kassandre brings together filmmakers who have chosen to share freely one or more of their films using free licenses.

You are free to download, copy, share and in some cases you are also free to modify, to create derivative works.

We have three good reasons to do this:

– Download is not theft, and copying is not harmful and modify isn’t destroy. It’s good for movies to be seen, and therefore be copied. This allows authors to find an audience and the latter to meet authors.

– Sharing is Loving. And sharing is a fundamental freedom that must be protected.

– Sharing enriches the giver and the receiver. The filmmaker and the audience enjoying a shared happiness.

The cinema has every reason to celebrate this new wind, the great opportunities it brings and the endless possibilities that are offered.

We have created the platform to allow filmmakers and the public to come together around the films. We accept all genres (drama, comedy, thriller, etc.) and all formats (fiction, documentary, art film, etc. …), but we strive to select the most original films, those who try to say a little more …

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